TPlayer - The Players

Each players have the same standard functionalities of any regular player but TPlayer adds its own mixing and fading options and multiple sound cards support for monitoring only found on expensive commercial software.

With TPlayer's dual players, while one song is playing, you can start to mix the next song and cut or fade the other with one click of the mouse. Here's the easy steps how to achieve a simple but professional mix with two songs: start playing any song, let's say on the left player. Load another song (or the same one, it doesn't matter) and right-click on the Play button of the right player. Experiment with each options and see (well, hear) what it does.

Clicking on the sound analyzer or the vu meters will make the Configuration Settings Menu appears.

Here's a brief description of the available options:


 Master device: List of available sound devices for the master speakers output.
 Monitor device: List of available sound devices for the monitor speakers output. If only one sound card is installed, monitoring will play on the master speakers device.

 Display: Sound analyzer display options.

 Open image: Load a bitmap (bmp) image to display onto the background of the players.
 Clear Image: Display the background of the players in black.


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The Players
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