TPlayer - The Update History


 2003-01-25: Tenth release of version 1 (V1R10)
-Open Folder option
-Faster Songlist loading
-Bigger, more accurate Vu meters
-Bugs fix

 2002/12/27: First prerelease of version 2 (V2R1-Alpha)
-View ReadMe.txt file inside the zip file.

 2002/08/04: Ninth release of version 1 (V1R9)
-Added relative playlist support
-Added Last Open/Save folder saved in config file
-Added Skinnable Buttons
-Added Menu Icons
-Refined look
-Bug fix

 2002/07/03: Height release of version 1 (V1R8)
-Added Automix Configuration option
-Added Song Title Shift toggle
-Added SongList Find option
-Added SongList Menu options
-Added Minimize to system tray option
-Added transparent Analyzer display option
-Changed Peak Level Indicators
-Bug fix

 2002/06/12: Seventh release of version 1 (V1R7)
-Added user background image option
-Added ogg Vorbis file support
-Changed popup menus appearance
-File types selection saved in config file
-Show/Hide hint saved in config file
-Bug fix

 2002/05/10: Sixth release of version 1 (V1R6)
-Added Playqueue
-Added Seekbar (will fix problem with VBR asap)
-Added external file(s) drop from Windows Explorer
-Added VU images provided by Boris Y. Ribov
-Added sizable Playlist/Playqueue
-Changed Crossfader/Volume/Balance trackbars
-Bug fix

 2002/04/10: Fifth release of version 1 (V1R5)
-Added Auto mix configuration
-Added Vu meters
-Fixed FF & Rewind

 2002/04/04: Fourth release of version 1 (V1R4)
-Spinning logo
-Minor bug fix

 2002/04/02: Third release of version 1 (V1R3)
-Added auto mix options
-Improved look

 2002/03/30: Second release of version 1 (V1R2)
-Added support for WMA and WAV files.
-Improved artist grouping in playlist (see The Songlist).
-Minor bug fix.
-New logo by my childhood pal and buddy Louis Dubey

 2002/03/25: First release of version 1 (V1R1)


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