TPlayer - The Playlist Editor

With the Playlist, you can select and rearrange what songs TPlayer will play next. The Playlist can be automatically filled by the Automix or manually by dragging/dropping items from the Songlist.

Many options are available in the playlist. Right-click anywhere on the playlist to make the Playlist Options Menu appears.

Here's a brief description of the available options:


 Load Song: Load song into an available player.
 Remove Song: Remove the selected song from the playlist.

 Open Playlist: Retrieve a previously saved playlist.
 Save Playlist as: Store the songs and their order in the playlist.
 Clear Playlist: Completly remove all the songs in the playlist. The playlist can only be cleared when the automix is stopped.

To record the output from TPlayer with RecDemo is rather easy. Here's the step by step on how to do it.

1-If Windows is setup to play sounds for events, you should disable it first. In Control Panel, Sounds, Sound scheme: No Sounds.

2-In RecDemo, click on Audio Format. Under Name, select CD Quality. Now Format shoudl say: PCM and Attributes: 44,100kHz, 16 bit, Stereo 172kb/s. Click OK.

3-When you are ready to mix your songs with TPlayer, press Record on RecDemo, then switch to TPlayer then press Play and make your mixes like you want.

4-When you are done mixing, press Stop in RecDemo then Save the file (File menu, Save as...)

The only difficult thing is to guess if the songs recorded (file size) will fit on the CD. I suggest you make a Playlist of 10-12 songs (depends on each songs play time) then record, check the file size. Tipical CDs are either 600 or 700 mb. If the file is bigger than your CD capacity, remove a song from the Playlist then remix them all (that means restart from step 3).

You can then burn your Audio CD with the WAV file you have saved.

If you want to burn an mp3 CD, you have to convert this WAV file to mp3 prior to burn.

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