TPlayer - The Songlist Editor

With TPlayer's own explorer like Songlist, all the different albums and songs from the same artist are properly grouped together in a folder/file fashion for quick and easy access.

TPlayer uses the audio file names and/or folder names to achieve artists grouping. It has different commonly used naming formats already built-in. The only requirement is that the different sections of the file name (artist, album, track title) must be separated by "space dash space". In rare cases you will have to rename some of your audio files to have them properly grouped in the Songlist.

Here's the different naming formats TPlayer supports:

Format-1: "Artist - Song title" or "Artist - Track #-Song title"
(no spaces between Track # and Song title, if this case, Track# will be taken as the name of the album)

Format-2: "Artist - Album - Song title" or "Artist - Album - Track # - Song title"
(spaces are ignored after Album)

Format-3: Folder as Artist, Folder as Album, "Song title" or "Track #-Song Title"
(no spaces between Track # and Song title, see Format-1)

Format-4: "Song title" or "Track #-Song title"
In this case TPlayer will use the folder names where the files is located (up to two levels).

Many options are available in the Songlist. Right-click anywhere on the Songlist to make the Songlist Options Menu appears. When TPlayer starts for the first time, it will show an empty Songlist. The proper action to take next is Search files on... All disks.

Here's a brief description of the available options:


 Load song: Load selected song into an available player.
 Remove item(s): Remove all selected items from the Songlist.
 Add to playlist: Add selected items to the Automix Playlist.

 Search files on: Scan all or specific hard disks or CD-ROMs for selected audio or playlist files.
 Search for files: Specify the type of audio or playlist files you want to search for.

 Open songlist: Open Songlist saved in m3u format.
 Save songlist as: Save the current Songlist in m3u format.
 Clear songlist: Remove all the entries from the current Songlist. NO files are deleted from the hard disk just the entries in the Songlist.

 Show all songs.
 Hide all songs.

 Hide help messages: TPlayer will display a short description of what options are available when the mouse is over a specific object. Once you know how TPlayer works, you can turn this off.


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